Cause And Effect Of World War II

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World War II was one of the most deadliest wars in history. This terrible war the cause or 80 million deaths and countless tragedies around the world. But what events lead to WWII? Wold War II was caused by the after affects of WWI, The worlds economy after the treaty of Versalles, and Hitlers rise to power. Everything that lead to World War II started from the end of The Great War, the war to end all wars. The destruction from the great war left europe devastated. This instability created from this “war to end all wars” is what ironically lead to World War II. By the end of The Great War all of the world leaders meet at versaill to decide the conditions for the end of the war. The meeting led to the production of the treaty of versailles …show more content…
Hitler made germany believe that his nazi party was the answer to their economical collapse.He promised people a better life and a new glorious Germany. Germany believed that Hitler was their savior. Hitler believed that germans were the most superior race in the world and all others failed in comparison. Almost immediately after hitler became supreme leader of germany he began secretly building his army and weapons to take back what was theirs. Britain was aware of this but hoped that the rise in the nazi power would help stop the rise in communist power because by definition nazism is against communism. Hitler wanted to regain the land that germany has lost from the great war and rebuild germany back into a world power and create more living room for the superior aryan race to …show more content…
At the time hitler 's army was not at full strength and could have been easily defeated, but neither britain nor france wanted to start another war. Hitler made two important alliances, one with mussolini in italy and the second with japan. Soon he invaded Austria which forced their leader to have a vote to see if they should go with germany. 99% of austria sided with germany. Soon hitler aimed to take Czechoslovakia and met with the prime minister. They have come to the conclusion that hitler would have part of Czechoslovakia if he promised to not invade the rest of it. Hitler was not a man of his word however and invaded the rest after six months. Hitler truly wanted to regain control and his next target was poland. Knowing of his next target france and britain told hitler that if he invaded poland they would go to war. They hoped that going to war would scare off hitler but they were wrong, german troops invaded poland. This led to WWII.
Germany started World War II by attacking poland going to war with france and britain. Germany attacked france and overran most of europe and north africa. This lead to the chain of events that would follow with constant blood shed. Days like D-day and the attack on pearl harbor, or the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which alone killed 226000 alone. The nazis were also responsible for the holocaust which was responsible for the death of six million jews. Up to 80 million people died in

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