Causes Of Traffic Congestion

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As cities grow larger, the problem linked to traffic congestion continues to be experienced across most major cities globally. This is also the case in Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago, the city’s population was estimated to be just over 83,500 during the 2011 census and the number continues to rise. The city has also been registered to be the fastest growing in Trinidad and Tobago; this is due to the young generations from different communities of the country streaming to the city in search of jobs. This is resulting in the over population of the city that covers just 59 Sq. KM with the last censors registering 1416 people per Sq. KM. Many are also setting up individual small businesses and income sources; this is due to the limited
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Each contributes to the slowdown of road traffic in its own manner and must be included to the causes of traffic congestion thus helping analysis the problem from a wider perspective thus helping also find suitable solutions linked to the problem. Studies linked to Chaguanas traffic problem have been linked to certain problems being experienced in the region which include illegal road side vending stalls, a shortage of traffic wardens, illegal encroachment on road reserves by residential and businesses, illegal taxi stands and children walking to school on the main roads. These factors are clearly linked to a break down in the Chaguanas legal system and must be addressed. To resolve the current Chaguanas traffic congestion problem, solutions to these problems must be found which will help free up the roads and road researches thus allowing for traffic to move smoothly. It’s also important that the Publics works department also begin planning road expansions and flyover construction to cater for future traffic …show more content…
Most of the children live within walking distance of their schools and the majority of them walk to school. This results in a serious traffic hazard since the school children tend to walk on the road to avoid making their school shoes and uniform dirty. This results in school timing “early mornings and the evenings” being a dangerous time to drive since the school children tend to also play on the roads while walking. the children than turn to becoming constant obstructed for the vehicle drivers and with no traffic wardens to manage the pedestrians and no pedestrian lanes the problem works out to be a serious traffic

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