Causes Of Tornadoes

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A Hurricane is a tropical cyclone or tropical storm that forms over in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Southern Atlantic Ocean and the eastern Pacific Ocean. Close to the earth 's surface a cyclone is accompanied by thunderstorms and a circulation of counterclockwise winds. Hurricanes can hit the gulf Mexico and all of the Atlantic Ocean. Every year the Atlantic hurricane season starts on May 15 and will always end on November 30. Hundreds of miles inland and coastlines, hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage. Hurricanes can be forceful enough to reach wind speeds of 220 miles per hour, in addition they create storm surges along the coast and can cause extensive damage to coastlines due to heavy rainfall. Tornadoes are one of nature 's most violent storms. In seconds they can Spawn from violent thunderstorms they can cause fatalities and devastate neighborhoods. Tornadoes can reach wind speeds up to 300 mph and appear as a rotating funnel shaped cloud that extends from thunderstorms to the ground. Tornado 's ' damage path can be devastating they can …show more content…
In some cases they can start even with no visible signs of rain. Flash floods can form from excessive rainfall, a dam, or levee failure. In some cases a sudden release in water can be caused by an ice jam. Flash floods often have a dangerous massive wall of water carrying rocks and debris, overland floating is one of the most common type of flooding. This event occurs when waterways such as streams or rivers overflow its banks as a result of excessive rainfall or Levee break. This event can cause lighting. Surrounding areas and can do expensive damage to houses, buildings, vehicles, and wildlife low-lying areas are a primary target for floods since the ground is so

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