Causes Of The Real American Revolution

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The Real American Revolution

The British American colonists believed that as full British citizens they were equally entitled to the rights and privileges of the British Constitution,but in Great Britain they disagreed,they thought of the colonists as subordinate not equal and that the colonists were intended to serve the mother country.The colonists were frustrated that they were not being recognized as true Britons and felt they were being deprived of their “English Liberties”,quarrels over trade,taxation,and political representation sparked a political movement that led to rebellion from the colonists.The colonists felt that the king and Parliament together were trying to make slaves of them and if they could not be seen as equals to Britain
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By the 1750s the balance of power began to unravel between the British,French, and native interests in North America.The French were gaining Amerindian allies and in 1755 defeated the British and gained territory and brought almost every Amerindian tribe to the French side.In 1757 William Pitt took charge of the army from London he wanted to enlist the colonial support in the war and treated the British-Americans like allies not subordinates.He promised the colonists would be reimbursed for raising men and supplies,it brought out a surge of patriotism among them and strengthened colonial forces.Imperial and colonial government wanted to gain the Amerindians on their side and offered them clear boundaries of settlements and hunting grounds along with mutual protection this was known as The 1758 Treaty of Easton and it established an alliance between the thirteen Amerindians tribes and Pennsylvania.According to Mooney “This treaty specified the natives signatories would not fight on behalf of the

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