Extreme Depression In America During The Early 1900's

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Have you ever had a recurring nightmare? Chances are you have, they are very common. And believe it or not America has had one too. During the the early 1900’s America was involved in an extreme depression, caused by the crash of the Stock Market. nearly 50 years later, America is yet again at bay with another economic struggle. Both recessions that occurred left America vulnerable yet again.

The Roaring Twenties was an iconic time in the early 1900’s. The prohibition on alcohol was ratified, and women were granted the right to vote. Fighting in Germany during World War l had ended, things were finally turning around for America. More Americans are living in urban areas rather than rural territory. America had become an industrial powerhouse
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Did they have comparable causes and effects? Of course, however it wasn’t ideal that the nation introduced another recession. We can assess that in 1929 and 2007, the Stock Market crashed for similar speculations. Consumer spending and business investment dried up, leaving with less job opportunities. During President Obama 's presidency in the Great Recession, he tried to spring from president Hoover’s and FDR’s presidential policies. During both recessions, America’s bank system had to file for bankruptcy, leaving people frazzled. Considering the fact that the Great Depression was the worst recession in recorded time, America suffered much more during this time. Breadlines and soup kitchens were set up for those who so poor they couldn’t afford groceries, although the recovery of the Great Depression showed promise. During this time America was leaning towards involvement in World War ll after Pearl Harbor. Mass production of weapons, and more job openings for women at home, taking the place of the men, could have been a push forward to recovery. However during the Great Recession in 2007, recovery was long down the road. It took several years after the recession occurred to finally get back on track. Severe droughts occurred during the Great Depression, leaving farms desolate, and farmers …show more content…
Although America struggled deeply in both the Great Depression and Great Recession, we made a recovery whether that was quick or otherwise not. After what we have experienced, maybe in the future we will be better equipped for trials. A recession will stay hidden until it is in full force, we can’t prevent a recession, we can’t foresee a recession. Still persevering through hardships will allow you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. “In a recession, you must be able to call into question everything you 've done before.”- Francois-Henri

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