Romeo And Juliet Fault Essay

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Charlotte Gedraitis
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Romeo and Juliet Essay
It Wasn’t Their Fault Romeo and Juliet is a timeless classic about two teenagers who fall in love, get married, and end their lives and with them dies an ancient feud. This tale has proven to be an exaggerated truth of the young brain. The characters deal with the most difficult parts of life; love, loss, and betrayal. The teenage brain is in the midst of its most critical development as a teen and it is not fit to make decisions that would be difficult even for a fully developed brain. Romeo and Juliet are constantly trying to make crucial judgements about their relationship. However, their tragic end isn’t the result of their own actions, rather their loved ones.
Partially at fault for
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She aids the Friar’s dangerous plan and encourages the forbidden relationship between the teens. The Nurse supports Juliet and is one of few people Juliet believes she can trust. This makes her feeling of abandonment greater and she says, “...Or to dispraise my lord with the same tongue Which she hath praised him with above compare.” (3.5.250-251). This shows how Juliet is feeling betrayed and alone after the Nurse tells her to marry Paris. All along the Nurse aids the couple and praises Romeo and then all of a sudden, when Juliet needs her the most, the one person Juliet feels she can count on turns on her and contradicts everything else she has said and done. As an adult she should have warned Juliet of the dangers of love and warned the couple of the dangers of their relationship. She allows Juliet to fall in love with Romeo without even telling her of the risks. Then, as if something finally clicks in her mind, she turns on Romeo and tells Juliet to marry Paris. This action made Juliet even more distraught because it seems the nurse was betraying her. This was another prominent force that drove Juliet to the Friar. If The Motherly Figure had not aided the young couple, things might not have gone so far. However, because the Nurse allows them to be together, the results are harsh and …show more content…
The Friar is probably the most responsible of all because of the things he has done. He was the one who came up with all of the plans to bring them together. However, his half-baked plans were constantly falling apart and unraveling. He did not think them through or weigh the consequences. Friar Lawrence was also the one to officially marry Juliet and Romeo which he should have realized would be extraordinarily dangerous and warned the star crossed teens. Romeo and Juliet were young and raised to respect adults and do as they say. That being so deeply ingrained in them made it so they never question the Priest and they follow him blindly. However, his mistakes and unwillingness to fully think through his plans end up leading the young couple right to their graves. In conclusion the blame for Romeo and Juliet's death falls on the people who were supposed to love them the most. The people they put their young blind trust in were the exact people who turn around and stab them in the back. Romeo and Juliet are so tightly wrapped up in confusing tangles of what was supposed to be hate and what was true love that it blinds them of the dangerous reality of the situation. When presented with the opportunity to aid the young lovers and help them see things more clearly, their loved ones choose to further complicate their situation with deadly results.

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