Causes Of The Cold War

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After the events of World War II America was almost facing another war. This time with a more familiar enemy, Stalin and the Soviet Union. The two world powers clashed almost resulting in nuclear war. Experts have argued that they were bound to clash due to them being the only world powers at the time. However, the Cold War was started because the actions during World War II, the vague agreements postwar, and the almost nationalistic hatred of communists. During World War II America and Great Britain allied with the Soviet Union in January 1943. In this time Roosevelt and Churchill met in Casablanca, Morocco to discuss what military action they should take. Stalin had demanded that the Allies immediately launch an attack on Western Europe to suppress the Germans. At the time, the Soviet Union was getting the most resistance against Germany. As the war went on and the Soviets began to push back, Roosevelt saw this as proof the Soviets were fine and agreed with …show more content…
Joseph McCarthy started as a Republican Wisconsin senator that really had no distinguishing features. Until he gave a speech in Wheeling, West Virginia, in 1950, while giving his speech he held up a piece of paper saying it contained the names of 205 confirmed communists in the State Department. This launched what is known as the second Red Scare, in which Americans were terrified of communists or anything to do with communism. McCarthy rose to power as he accused more and more people. However, McCarthy never gave any evidence to his accusations, so it is no wonder when he accused military leaders without evidence nobody believed him. Still, McCarthyism did hurt the relations of Americans and Soviets, by putting the public in the scare of communism they blatantly fueled a hatred towards the soviets. Labeling communists as Soviet spies, sometimes even exercising capital punishment to innocent

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