Causes Of Teenage Depression Essay

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There is a desperate need for stress management among teens because stress leads to depression, can result in behavior changes, and affects the quality of life.
One effect of stress can cause major depression within teen girls and boys. Teen depression is not just a feeling of sorrow or being upset all the time; it is more than that. Depression within teens causes major downfalls in life which lead to teenage drug and alcohol abuse, violence, pregnancy, and suicide. School is a major cause of teenage depression according to EmaxHealth "This year’s annual survey found that nearly one-third of teens and adolescents consistently reported feeling depressed, sad and overwhelmed due to stress, especially stress from school, which they reported as
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However, teens; especially teen girls, tend to show more negative behavior changes than any other age group because they are at the stage of purity. According to American Psychological Association "stress has an impact on healthy behaviors like exercising, sleeping well and eating healthy foods"(1). Stress is a building block, so any good stress results in bad stress, which cause changes in teenage behavior. Stressed out teens strive to cope, but deep down inside they are in pain and coping only results in unpleasant behavior changes. " A few of the girls also talked about acts of vandalism like smearing eggs and fingernail polish on cars. "It lets out stress," one girl said "(Stahl 48). Teens start to become very miserable, and very boorish towards …show more content…
Being, Belonging, and Becoming are the three domains. Being domain is the aspects of who the person is, and also has three sub-domains. Physical Being is the first sub domain it includes your personal hygiene, health, and personal appearance. Secondly is Psychological Being, it includes a person 's feelings, cognitions, and evaluations concerning the self. Lastly is Spiritual Being, it reflects personal value and spiritual beliefs. According to the three different types of Being, if you include stress this can affect a person’s life and how they live. In other words stress can affect the way you present yourself, and can change your whole demeanour from pleasant to

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