The Causes Of Teen Suicide

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Each year, thousands of teens commit suicide in the United States. Suicide is a major problem as it is one of the leading causes of death among teenagers and young adults. Families and friends are heart-broken and greatly affected emotionally by the death of their loved ones. It must be unimaginable for us to understand how difficult it is for parents to cope with such a tragedy. No parent ever imagine that this would happen to their child. Everyone, especially parents, are often bewildered about the reasons why their son/daughter have taken their own lives. There are numerous possible reasons why teens commit suicide.
A lot of teenagers are bullied at school by their classmates. Teenagers are still developing physically, mentally, emotionally
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A large number of teens experience many problems inside the home. These include physical and sexual abuse. Teens who are physically or sexually abused at home can have a negative impact on their emotional well-being. These traumatic experiences in their lives can make them think that they are worthless. This can be seen on the news where a teenager raped by a family member takes their own life. Although not as common as some other causes of teen suicide, physical and sexual abuse still take hundreds or maybe even thousands of lives in the United States. Oftentimes, it is very hard for these teens to overcome such terrible events. Other problems in the house that can potentially influence them to take their own lives are alcoholic, drug using and gambling parents. These teens are not growing up in a nurturing environment, and therefore they are not getting the love and support they need from their parents. These teens may not be getting the necessary love and support from their parents. It can be very painful for teens and children who are naturally dependent on their parents. Although it is very sad to think that these things happen to a lot of teenagers around the world, the reality is that these problems exist and are continuing to rise every year leading to more and more teenagers committing

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