Why Students Fail College Essay

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Everyone wants to be successful when he or she grows up. Ever since we were kids, we had dreams and aspirations of becoming doctors or astronauts. This also meant that we had to do well in school and go to college. For most students, becoming successful in life means being successful in college. However, the dreams and aspirations of 380,000 students are destroyed each year because they dropped out of college. Students fail class for a number of reasons, and I believe that the major causes of failure are due to lack of preparedness, insufficient attendance, and poor study habits. Transferring from high school to college is a big step, and one of the many reasons students fail college is because they are not prepared. Preparation is an important key to getting a good start on your college education. Students who are not well prepared for college feel overwhelmed with the amount of work …show more content…
It is required for students to study longer and harder in college than what was required of them in high school. A lot of students fail college because they do not have the study skills that a course requires. An acquaintance of mine, Alfred Souza, never studied and his grades showed it. Alfred would always wait till the last day to study for a test or complete an essay. After some time, Alfred realized that he needed to change, so he began to study after his classes on a regular basis. This drastically improved his grade and he learned many study skills from his experience. It is important for students to take notes in class, review the content and spend time studying before a big test or quiz. Students should be well organized and keep track of deadlines, and study requirements. It’s also a good idea to go to a library or a place to study in order to make it easier for one to study

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