Two Types Of Standardized Testing

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Standardized Testing
Standardized testing is something that all students of every age are familiar with. Every day students are forced to take tests or being forced to prepare for a test. According to James W. Popham, there are two different types of standardized tests. There is aptitude and achievement tests. Aptitude tests are used to predict how well kids will do in a new education setting. An example of this is the SAT and the ACT. The other type is achievement tests. These are used in American school systems to evaluate schools and students (Popham). When President George W. Bush was president, he created the No Child Left Behind Act, which is the cause of the increase in standardized testing. Because of No Child Left Behind, standardized
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But, it is not healthy for young children to start testing at an early age. Early childhood professionals are against giving standardized testing to children under 9 years old (Kohn). They mentally cannot handle taking a test at that young of an age. Young children’s minds are being stretched just so they can take a test. The types of tests that children are getting are not easy visual tests. Children are being given test that are incredibly difficult to understand at such a young age.These children are receiving paper and pencil test as early as kindergarten (Perrone) These tests are the same test that are given to high school students who have a much higher tolerance for taking test. The government is expecting 6 year olds to understand tests like …show more content…
This act has created ridiculous requirements that the American public school system must follow in order to get funding. This act has affected the learning of low income schools. Also, it has required children as young as 6 years old to take pencil and paper tests, which causes stress to them. Stress levels in high school students is also at an all time high. Not only is the No Child Left Behind act stressing out children, it is taking away valuable class time. Class time is sacrificed so teachers can prepare students for a test or give a test. Because of standardized testing, student’s education is diminishing. The only want to change this is to find a different approach to standardized testing or to get rid of it all

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