Rising Tension During The 1920's In America

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Jesse Riordan
Mrs. Murphy
US History II Period 8
October 25, 2014
Rising Tension During the 1920’s in America

The inability to agree to disagree has always been a factor of incoherence in the United States. Arguably the most developmental decade in the history of this country, the 1920’s brought about new social and political change never seen before, and people were not equipped to handle it. Every aspect of life was being to change. Automobiles were becoming commercially available, allowing people to travel more efficiently. People were migrating to cities to take advantage of the industrial jobs available, changing the dynamic of the country as a whole. Religious groups were challenging each other and the significance of their roles in society, trying to explain
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Americans had no idea what they were in for, and as much as this change was needed for the United States to prosper, social tension would soon mix with unprecedented economic failure to create one of the worst decades in American history. Conflicts between city-dwellers and small-town residents, blacks and whites, and Catholics and Protestants created social tension in the US during the 1920 's, ultimately leading to a cultural civil war (Danzer). Up until the 1920’s, the percentage of Americans living in rural areas was much higher than the percentage of Americans living in urban areas. However, with a need for employment, people flocked to cities to find jobs during the roaring twenties, thus beginning the era of urbanization in the United States. The increase of mobility and transportation made it easy for people to move, leaving the farming industry with less and less people to maintain it. Besides that issue, hoards of

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