Causes Of Religion In The Revolts

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Register to read the introduction… This suggests that by this period religion could no longer threat royal authority.

James I succeeded the throne in 1603, inheriting religious tensions. Several serious threats to the monarch’s challenged authority during James’ reign. The Bye Plot of 1604 and gunpowder plot of 1605, both threatened to remove James’s power. For example, “The more formidable Gunpowder plot of 1605 was the work of desperate men who had schemed for years to abort the protestant succession” says Huston. Showing the extent of Catholics distress, Houston sees the catholic threat as dangerous to the succession of James I, rocking the stability of royal authority, almost completely removing it.

Overall, it seems religion was a very significant factor in changing royal authority between 1540 and 1642 with many uprisings threatening to remove the crown, although other factors could arguable be the cause

Personality is another factor in the nature of authority in the monarchy’s. Henry VIII’s determined, strong personality and his assumed title of supreme ruler with imperial power was a rock for royal authority. Elizabeth I carried on
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Mary had to have her authority authenticated by parliament due to her gender and this was also seen as weak, therefore making her authority seem poor as she needed parliament to assert it. Also Mary’s phantom pregnancy could be seen as a weakening to her power, David Starkey says ‘with Mary’s pregnancy exposed as an elision power started to ebb away from the

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