Causes Of Poverty In Nigeria

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lazy, they work so hard in order to get out their situation and live a good life. If poverty is painful, why do we have a high rate of poverty? The poor people deserve to also have something to depend on, besides what is the difference between the poor and rich? Everyone is still a human being, whether poor or rich, so why are the poor getting poorer and the rich are getting richer? It is because of the society we live in today, the rich are getting richer because they believe that poverty is bad and they feel that they have the right to be wealthy. The rich people are getting richer, because what they do is very important, they are always ready and eager to learn new things that will give them more money no matter if it’s in their line of …show more content…
One of the greatest challenges facing Nigerians today is unemployment, which has maintained a rising trend over the years, but then looking at what Lane’s said about the government being of help, if only, if the government was of great help to Nigerians, if they provided job opportunities then maybe the poor will be very happy. There are cases of where the top people steal money, but then they governments won’t do anything to them, because the rate of corruption in Nigeria keeps getting higher every day. “For instance, the amount of money that ought to be plugged into the productive sectors of our economy strength heath sector, social and educational services are diverted into private pockets of only but a few individuals” (Abubakar). The money supposed to be used for more important things, like education, construction and providing more jobs for the people, the government uses it for their own personal needs. This shows that government plays a huge role in the country 's poverty. If the government does not spend the money, or if they stop stealing the money for themselves, the people in Nigeria will not suffer. Most poor people in Nigeria are not poor because their family is, most of them are graduates, I have seen a case, where a graduates couldn’t find a job even after graduating as the top student in his class and he 's still jobless, all he had to do is go out in streets to start begging and is grateful even if he 's given a coin. They poor being are grateful with whatever you give them and will be happy if they are being given

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