Causes Of Overpopulation

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Register to read the introduction… Overcrowding can also lead to an increase of group rentals in cities. According to China Price Watch:
… Living conditions is these group rentals are typically very low. The group rentals face serious problems and hazards; they are often overcrowded, which lead to bigger problems. Many consider right for the spread of disease and sickness… Since too many people share the apartment the rentals are always unlocked and are susceptible to burglary. The electric outlets for group rentals are often overused, which could become a huge fire hazard.
This means due to overcrowding in cities, the people who wish to live there are forced to go into group rentals, because living alone costs so much. They also have an increased chance of getting sick and have to be careful for possible fire break outs. Not only are cities being overcrowded, but farms are as well. According to Reuters, “Overcrowding on farms around Shanghai was the underlying factor that led to 16,000 dead pigs floating down the Huangpu River.” It can be inferred that many farms are very close and compacted together which could increase the spread of sickness among animals. They later go on to say, “The high density of pig farms, and the poor farm management that is often associated with small-scale farming operations, are key risk factors for porcine Circovirus -- a common disease among pigs that is the most likely the killer of the floating hogs.” This shows that farmers are also not properly taking care of the animals, and since they are close to other farms as well, they are more susceptible to
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In 1945, China’s late president Mao Zedong came up with a plan called “the Great Leap Forward,” mainly focusing on agriculture. Thinking that this plan would also increase China’s power, he encouraged couples to have multiple children, which soon rapidly increased its population. In 1979, a law was set called “the One-Child Policy,” allowing couples to have only one child, punishing those who decided to have more than one, but do not pay the fee. Up until now that law has been working but, they are now worried that it is working too well. As to appease those who wished to have more than one child, on December, 29, 2013 the one-child policy was slightly loosened. According to Hindustan Times, “China on Saturday formally approved the partial loosening of its one-child policy more than three decades after it was put in place and abolished the "re-education through labor" camps introduced more than 50 years ago.” From this, is can be seen that even the government officials are worried that their population might be going down. By loosening this law, couples who are an only child are able to have more than one child. Farmers are also allowed to have more than one child, or if their firstborn is a girl. Going further into the article it says, “China's falling birth rate resulting in rapidly falling numbers in the working age category of China's ageing population. Also, the enforcement of the policy was often seen as excessive with allegations of officials carrying out forced abortions.” From this piece of evidence, the one child policy has brought down China’s birthrate. Although it was meant to do this, the working category has been heavily affected. Not only is China worried but some neighboring countries are as well. “In Germany, the birthrate has sunk to just 1.36, worse even than its low-fertility neighbors Spain (1.48) and

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