Causes Of Migration

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The globalization have step into changed this world to go forward. Advance technology that make people easy to communicate and travel to another place this make people around the world are linked with each other. The development of economic system that unequal are create the gap between the rich and the poor countries. Form this reason, it was a one main cause of the migration wave that mostly of them are from the poor country to the rich country to find a good opportunities job and better life. Besides that there are also have other several factors for migration such as war, famine, racial and religion conflict and political problem inside their country. However, the migration are not new matter because it has since in many centuries
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Immigrant and refugee, this two word have different definition even though, this two group of people going out from their country to settle in the new place. However, the word of “refugee” have more feeling related with war and persecution.In the same time “migrant” are the drive of people that not involved with refugee (UNHCR, 2016). The immigrant, this group of people have own chance to choose that they will move or not most of them move because economic factor to find the better occupation chances and better quality of life, including with education opportunity. In addition, they also can choose to go back to their homeland in anytime that they want. On the other hand, the refugee are moving because of political issue, war, and violence or nature disaster inside countries. Generally, the refugee demand for aid and resettlement by stay in refugee camp in the third countries that provide for them since it was very less number of refugee that can go back to their homeland. Moreover, they are also have protected by international law such as the Protocol(1967) and Refugee Convention (1951) this can provide basic human right to make the refugee live in security that can be solve the problem in long-term. The clearly example of refugee like Rohingya that emigrate in Southeast Asia or Syrian refugees that go into European countries and another part around the …show more content…
Syrian have to face with civil war for five years since 2011 that killed a large number of people and this war are also effect through the neighbor countries. Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey are the countries that Syrian use for escape from violence before moving to Europe to gain the better condition. The large drive of asylum become immigrant crisis in this area particularly in Germany, Hungary and Greek because not only the refugee but it also has illegal immigrant that smuggle by use boat that contained more than 800 people and some are died when trying to crossing the Mediterranean. The members of European countries are split up to find solution policy to solve problem some are accept and some are opposes, Germany are the ones countries that welcome with refugee due to they demand in labor skill and want to import the foreigner labors. In contrast, Hungary that want to resist and try to build stacheldraht to prevent immigrant from Serbia. Different aspect of European countries make ways to find cooperate policy to solve this problem together are more hardest. In fact EU government have quota in each country to take care for the refugee but it

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