Causes Of Invasive Species

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Invasive Species “Invasive species are one of the leading threats to native wildlife and approximately 42% of threatened or endangered species are at risk primarily due to invasive species” (National Wildlife Federation, 2016, p.1).
1. What kinds of problems can invasive species cause? Do you think one group of invasive species is worse than another? Why, or why not? Some of the problems that invasive species cause is impacting natural ecosystems, the economy, recreational, agricultural, and commercial activities. Invasive species can also effect human health. Removing invasive species can be costly. Invasive species also prey on native species, cause or carry disease, prevent native species form reproducing and even killing their young.
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I do not think just one way will help to stop the spread. One way to help combat the spread is to prevent them from occurring. You can do this by learning about the invasive species in your area. Then, volunteer for efforts that are organized to remove invasive species and help educate others about the threat that invasive species cause. Do not pack any type of fruit, vegetables, or plants when traveling, because they can carry pests and become invasive. It is also important not to release unwanted pets or dump aquarium contents into the wild, this can spread an invasive species. Fishing and boating equipment needs to be cleaned properly and disinfected because not doing so can spread some invasive species, including some that are too small to even be …show more content…
Another way to prevent the spread is to clean your shoes, boots, any equipment or gear that may be on your items so that plant and insect parts do not spread invasive species to new parts or areas. If you are ever camping, it’s important to get fire wood from the campsite and any wood that is un-used should stay at the campsite. This way, you are not inadvertently bringing invertebrates and plant species home that could be attached on the wood. Gardner’s need to become educated, federal policies should be established, advocating for robust restoration funding will help to repair major damage done to ecosystems by invasive

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