Causes Of Hunger And Poverty

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Hunger and malnutrition has always been a problem in the world but a lot of people are very silent about it. Hungry for people in undeveloped countries are different from the hungry that you feel when you are missing a lunch or snack. Hunger and malnutrition in these countries are brutal and means that you don’t have the strength or energy to do the simplest tasks that normal people are able to do. Being hungry makes you weak, tired and unable to concentrate on work or study of any kind. The only thing that you can possibly think about is when you are going to eat, how that can happen, and what you have to do to get it.
When people in communities are hungry and do not get the right amount of food due to high cost in food, not enough food and
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There are about two types of hunger which is famine and chronic. Famine hunger is in Costa Rica and their problem is not that they don’t have enough food in their country it’s the cost of food is very expensive for the community to buy for their families. Even though Costa Rica is one of the countries in Central America that doesn’t have an extreme hunger problem, there are many that does. If Coast Rica then has a hold up in the coffee industry, the employment numbers began to lower. The lower the employment rate the less people can buy food because they are not …show more content…
Many countries that have these centers for food supply cater to children, pregnant women, and mothers that nurse. People tend to share their food with family and friends. A great way that many programs helped their communities is by supplying them with foods that gave them the adequate nutritional requirements that is needed. The government or organizations that fund these programs sometime cannot afford the foods that they need to get the right amount of nutrient so they fortify some of the foods with vitamins, iron and other important minerals to sustain a proficient

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