What Are The Causes Of Human Trafficking Essay

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Approximately 98% of females throughout the world are being kidnapped from their homes, and are carried to other countries for the purpose of “Human Trafficking”. This crime is considered an illegal trade and a serious violation of human rights. Yet thousands of females are trafficked each year, and are used for the purpose of forced labour, organ trade or used for prostitution. At most times, both the supply and demand sides of the trade of individuals are fed by “gendered” vulnerabilities to trafficking. These weaknesses are the result of financial, and progress development, however this causes women to be dependent on men. If that support from men becomes insufficient or set aside, women become dangerously prone to abuse. They often have no individual protection or respect under the law, too little access to healthcare …show more content…
For instance, 50% of females are targeted for prostitution due to racial discrimination. In some countries women are discriminated by their color and their race. This causes individuals to migrate to other countries because; it is difficult to seek an occupation in their home country. Whilst they are thinking that they would work for money and carry it back to their family, traffickers withhold their passport from them. Another issue that causes human trafficking in some countries is gender discrimination. It affects basic human rights. This could affect females where and when a woman works. Daughters are seen as a liability by their families and are traded in marriage to traffickers for financial gain. Some young women / girls are sold off were some leave to seek a better life but instead are deceived by traffickers. As well as, divorce in some families also causes unfairness amongst the children. This is because there is only a single parent to support the family. Eventually the children would lack parental love, which causes people to discriminate

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