Causes Of Gun Control Laws

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Over the past few decades, people across the United States have been debating about gun control laws. Debates ranging from restrictions to background checks, have been heavily discussed by both civilians and people on Capitol Hill. Many nations have abolished the private ownership of guns all together, others have made it nearly impossible to own a firearm. America has been reported to have the highest gun violence in the world, as well as the most lacks gun laws. Many Americans believe that adding more gun restrictions is against the countries Second Amendment rights. Are more gun restrictions and gun laws the right way to go? Will more restrictions lower gun violence? My intent is to prove that tougher gun restriction laws, or lack of restrictions, have little to do with gun violence, but that America’s amount of high poverty are the cause of higher gun violence. Many Americans believe that this country needs tougher gun restrictions to lower gun related violence. Many states have already begun to write tougher laws to make it more difficult to purchase firearms, sometimes stricter regulations don’t help. The state of California has …show more content…
Great Britain has banned all private gun ownership to attempt to lower gun violence. They succeeded at this goal, but at what cost? “Britain has the highest rate of violent crime in Europe, more so than the United States or even South Africa. They also have the second highest overall crime rate in the European Union. In 2008, Britain had a violent crime rate nearly five times higher than the United States {2034 vs. 446 per 100,000 population}” (Slack, 2009). While Britain has lowered the nation’s gun violence, the violent crime rate has risen tremendously. I believe this has happened largely due to the fact that criminals know, that most citizens don’t have the means to protect

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