Causes Of Poor Health

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In United States today, the number one leading cause of poor health is dietary risks. The Global Burden article state that poor dietary risks caused 11 million deaths in 2010 and it is quickly increasing. Some of the reason could be not the right food choices, not enough greens in the body, or could be not knowing the where our food comes from. While there are many factors that could possible contributing to poor health, one of the major issue is fat in food. There are many different stances on the topic of fat in health related issue, but others have different positions on what really causing the rise of poor health in America. First position would be that fat is essential for us and we need different fats in our body to function properly. …show more content…
Sugar is categorized as carbohydrate that arises in different forms and uses. The three different types of sugar that we get from our meal are: sucrose, fructose, and lactose. Sucrose is also known as table sugar, it give the body the energy that fat can’t provide. With the right amount it help the body with physical and mental performance but too much of it can causes diseases like diabetes. Fructose is known for fruit sugar, its job is very similar to sucrose but fructose also help with aerobic respiration to create cellular energy. Lactose commonly found in dairy products, and the body use it by breaking down the lactose and turn it into energy alongside with sucrose and fructose but also regulating the energy for the body to functions correctly. Too much of lactose can cause weight increase because the extra lactose becomes fat. The human need all three types of sugar but too much of everything will induce disease to …show more content…
Added sugar is the extra sugar in processed foods and drinks when it is being made. This would increases our sugar intake in just one meal. Nordqvist wrote in his article stating that American Heart Association said “Added sugars contribute zero nutrients and are just empty calories that lead to obesity”. Nordqvist also gave a list of everyday foods and drinks that consumer might know how much added sugar are present in like sodas, candies, cereals, desserts. Another big issue about sugar is how strong they are relied on in “Fat-Free” product. Since there are no fat in it, the food companies would add sugars and salts to make their product so it have flavor in it. Dr. Robert Lustig a pediatric endocrinologist, he study and researching on child obesity for 16 years and concluded that sugar is the cause for obesity and diabetes. He argues that sugar increases people appetite to eat sweets and that make it harder for someone to control their sugar intake. The brain can’t recognize that the body is consuming too much sugar because the appetite being control by a binary system. Either the body is hungry and want to eat sugar to store the energy or hungry but can burn off the energy later. Because this reason, Dr. Lustig argues that sugar is the cause for obesity

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