Why Students Fail College

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In the working field of today, a high school diploma will provide a slim chance of a luxurious life. Unless the individual decides not to have a family and works numerous jobs, they might slightly increase their chance of living the proper lifestyle they want to live. This process is not impossible, however it is very time-consuming and very repetitive; due to this fact, many high school graduates choose to attend college. Even after paying a momentous amount of money for just one semester, students end up failing or dropping out of college. There are many reasons why a student would flunk out of college; I believe students academically fail college because of their social life, they feeling of being independent, or personal preferences. Firstly, the social life of a college student plays a major role in why a student may fail college. Most incoming freshmen have not experienced a social life, such as the one that is within college. The key factor that differentiates the social life of a high …show more content…
If a student decides not to attend class that day, there is no opposing force that will stop that student from going to class. As a consequence, whatever he decides is final and only he can change the action that he want to execute. The article, “Causes of Failure in College” gives another crucial reason why a student might fail college. It states, “Perhaps the greatest change and challenge facing students is dealing with the increased freedom which students experience when they are away from home. Although friends, parents, and faculty may advise, the choices and consequences are ultimately the responsibility of the student.” (par. 9). Due to this fact, no college can force a student to do something they only can strongly recommend just as the student decided to go to college, they must also decide whether or not to finish

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