Causes of Eve Teasing Essay

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A Report On Employee Demotivation

Submitted to: Mr Shaiful Islam CEO Human Resource Department Grameen Phone

Submitted by: Mr Khalid Mahmod(1020088) Director

Mr Atiqur Rahman(1020102) Sales Executive

Mr Taifur Rahman(1020099)
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• Lack of sincereness among employees.

Major Objectives :

• To investigate the causes of demotivation.

• To investigate the sincereness of the employees.

• To find out the employees directly related to this .

• To find out the steps to be taken to solve this problem.

Table of Contents

1. Acknowlwdgement ii

2. Preface iii

3. List of illustrations v

4. Executive Summary vi

5. Introduction vii

6. Discussion viii

7. Recommendation xiii

8. Conclusion xv

List of Illustrations

Figure Title Page Number

Figure-1 role of different factors 3 In demotivation

Figure-2 causes of demotivation 5

Figure-3 emotions in organizations 9

Executive Summary

Background of the report:
Grameen Phone Limited is one of the most popular corporate in Bangladesh

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