Causes Of Drug Use In Toronto Youth

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Drug use has been a deadly substance to people, which involves Toronto youths, and it is causing serious social problems in Toronto. According to research, 47,000 Canadian deaths are linked to substance abuse annually and 30 percent of illicit drug users in Toronto are between the ages of 15 and 24, including even children, homeless and street-involved (Teen Challenge, n.d.). A growing number of taking drugs amongst the young Torontonians is rising, and Torontonians are closely associated with 47,000 Canadian deaths as well. Drug use amongst Toronto youths has increased, potentially endangering their lives. Since the young Torontonians are abusing substances, the city needs to find the ways of fixing the problem. There are several causes of raising drug use amongst the young Torontonians. According to research, [A] number of young generations in Toronto began to take a drug because of boredom, curiosity, a desire for fun, and a lot of stress from home, work, school or relationships, as well as they want to fit in with a peer group (Iwk Nshealth Ca, n.d.). As such, the young Torontonians might regard substance abuse as an element of being able to hallucinate or relieve stress for a while. Due to such a fact, most Toronto …show more content…
The young Torontonians who have taken a drug are normally graded 7-12, homeless youth aged 16-24 and street-involved (Toronto Public Health, 2010). For instance, in accordance with research, “[H]igh rates of drug use among homeless people result from a number of processes. It is a risk factor for becoming homeless and prolonged homelessness. As a result, homelessness may increase the likelihood that an individual will use drugs” (Ncbi Nim Nih Gov, n.d.). On account of the prevalence of drug use, their health would be worsened by substance abuse, suffering from the pain of being homeless, and Toronto might be considered as one of dangerous cities by Toronto

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