Cause Of Divorce

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Many People look toward divorce before trying to work on their marriage. I have seen plenty of married couples get divorce in less than a year of being married. Many married couples I know personally, are on the verge of getting a divorce now. In my generation, young marriages do not last long for various reasons. I believe that marriage is much harder for younger couples. Older couples may have the same problems, but work them out a little better than younger couples. Majority of older couples get bored with their spouse, after a long time of being together. Having a divorce can lead to a lifetime of happiness or a lifetime of loneliness. The main people that get affected during a divorce are the kids. Kids easily become angry and easily distracted. …show more content…
The cause of lack of communication can affect a lot in the marriage and can be a cause for infidelity. This cause spouses to turn to other people for attention and support. They start to feel loved and wanted by someone other than your spouse. Lack of communication will cause you to be interested into someone else very easily. This can affect your relationship with your spouse and cause them to have trust issues. You won’t be focus on taking care of home duties and want to stay away from your home and your spouse. Any relationship, married, dating, or friends, communication can affect those relationships. I think couples need to communicate all the time. There is no reason why there shouldn’t be any communication, unless you don’t want to be in a relationship anymore. Dates regularly and quality time would keep the relationship on good terms when both spouse want each other. Couples need to open up more and have more family discussions. Where there is no love, or communication, why should there be a marriage. Some couples just don’t respect each other enough to make them feel wanted or loved. This would definitely cause hate in a married couple’s …show more content…
Some kids feel alone and lost. Even if the parents both play a big role in their life separately, they believe their family is now torn apart. Kids want their parents together and have a family. Once these parents separate the kids become angry and pretend it doesn’t affect them at all. This is the stage where parents feel they have to prove their love for their kids, but they do it wrong. They may try and buy their kids everything because the time spent doesn’t seem like it’s enough. The kids still feel the emptiness. This makes it hard for the parents because now it’s not just fight a divorce; it is also a battle with the kids. Being a single parent all over again is very hard. Each aren’t has to now juggle their time and try not to miss every detail in their children’s life. The absences of parents cause kids to turn to wrong crowds and negative thoughts. Especially if the kids have friends who parents are still together, they become jealous. The kids really need counseling also when the parents go through a divorce. This is so they can talk about why, how, and who ruin the family. Many of the kids think it’s their fault. Kids don’t understand it was the parent’s decision to separate. Kids who have stable parents and both put in the same time with their kids, would have a better relationship. The main thing is to prove to the kids that their parents do not hate each

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