Cyber-Bullying And Social Media

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Bullying is not a new problem. People have been bullying since biblical times, and it is such a common thing that some people are unaware that they are bullying in the first place. Bullying has even been on display on the national stage as well. A great example of this problem is in politics. Bullying is used in the candidates’ campaigns. Insults and demeaning words are directed towards the others as a technique to make their opponents look incompetent or dishonest. Like most people, the candidates also use social media platforms to express their views. Some people do not treat this cyber bullying as a problem since it mainly only takes place in social media as opposed to in-person. Their view is that if a person just checks social media for …show more content…
Cyber-bullying is using technology and social media platforms to gang up on someone, spread rumors and lies, ruin a reputation or engage in other forms of intimidation (Understanding the Nature Bullying). Cyber-bullying has become more and more common because almost everyone in today 's generation has some kind of smartphone device and also has at least one kind of social media linked up to their phone as if it were almost a need instead of a want. One of the causes of cyber-bullying is that the bully has self-esteem issues in the first place. Individuals with low self esteem issues usually feel less powerful, and when they bully someone, this gives them the feeling of power that they lack. In addition to having low self esteem, another reason people tend to cyber-bully is because it is easier to bully from behind a screen. A sense of anonymity and depersonalization of the victim has led to an increase in cyber-bullying. "When children, and many adults for that matter, aren 't talking to someone face-to face, they are less likely to feel the implications of what they are really saying."(Social Media Has Become a Serious Problem). Through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more, it is relatively easy to bombard victims with bullying words or images from which there is no escape or safe harbor. The victim of cyber-bulling is never able to be free from

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