Causes Of Cultural Relativism In Nigeria

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Register to read the introduction… Conflicts, be it cultural or religious conflicts are about the nature of reality and different interpretations of it. In fact, cultural or religious conflict is nothing but crisis and clashes of values. All cultural aspiration is a moral aspiration. This may explain why people passionately and tenaciously defend their cultural values and are even willing to die in defense of such values. People are emotionally committed to their cultural values.
Religion is the centrifugal configuration of Nigerian cultures. Religion is the matrix of Nigerian culture, which cut across institutions, systems and people. If one should better understand the issue involved in religion and culture in general, it will go along way to stem the tide of ignorance, conflict, homelessness, fanaticism, disequilibrium and lack
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Cultural differences and understandings is at the base of every conflict in our nation. Culture configures, informs, and reforms peoples’ life. At the center of this culture lies religion. This is why most of the crisis in Nigeria has some religious connotations. Religious fanaticisms, ignorance, lack of mobilization, cultural demeaning and lack development are the resultant effects of cultural relativism, as we can see in every facet of the society. To reduce conflict especially that of religion in our nation, we need to generate the spirit of tolerance instead of condemnation, sympathy, dialogue, mobilization, public enlightenment, participation and sharing instead of backing out. Unless, every citizen of this country accepts the obvious fact, that there is no particular culture or religion that is superior to the other, things will continue to tear apart. Every culture unique in its own way and have something to offer the

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