Examine The Causes Of Crime

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Crime studies show that certain classes are more likely to commit crimes than others. The class group who are the main culprits to commit the most crimes are the working class. There are many reasons as to why the working class are most likely to be involved in criminal activity and be more deviant than the middle or upper class. Marxists say that the cause of crime is due to the consequences of a capitalist society. Wealthier classes such as the middle and upper class decide what is seen as deviant and criminal in society to benefit themselves. Marxists see crime and deviance as being revolved around the ruling class as they use this as way of being in control of society and those who are less privileged and being filtered into the working …show more content…
The working class showed their anger and frustration through looting, smashing shops and setting fire to them and stealing items from the shops. It was an opportunity for people to take what they feel like they are owed and what they have missed out on through the unfair system of society. Some reasons as to why people felt to rebel were due to being able to overpower the police (bourgeoisie), high youth unemployment, racial profiling (black people feeling frustrated due to being stopped and searched by police and unemployment) and inequality in the class system and government choices, basically taking from the less fortunate and benefiting the rich. Statistics from the London riots show that most participants of the riots were those from urban areas such as, London areas, Manchester and Birmingham. Due to there being many reasons behind why the working class are likely to be involved in crime, the working class are then negatively labelled and are likely to be targeted more if a crime was to take place. For example, a group of youths from an urban area wearing hoodies are more likely to be stopped or seen as criminals rather than a group of business men in suits. The working class are seen as likely to commit crimes as they have more of a reason to do so e.g. having to struggle financially and having poor education leading to low unemployment and opportunities. This takes the negative spotlight off of the middle and upper classes, making them seem like the ‘better’ class. White collar crimes are non-violent, financial crimes which are committed by those seen as being a part of the high-social class such as the government and businessmen. Their crimes go more unnoticed than working class crime because those from a higher social class are stereotyped to be the least criminal and are respected by

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