Causes Of Confederation

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When a country or colony’s economic state or safety is threatened action is required. Confederation was essential to make Canada what it is now. Without Confederation Canada may have been controlled by the US or in a very fragile state. Confederation was was an act in the 1860’s to unite the British North Colonies as one strong independant nation. John A.Macdonald was credited to influence Confederation as he was an Father of Confederation. John A.Macdonald was a Scottish-born Canadian politician and lead to be the first Prime Minister Of Canada (1867–1873, 1878–1891). On July 1st 1867, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Province of Canada(Canada East and Canada West) joined together to form the Dominion Of Canada which is known and celebrated …show more content…
Britain eventually stopped supporting the colonies entirely, a faction called the “Little Englanders” was to thank. The Little Englanders believed that the colonies were a great burden to Britain. With this mindset in place, they believed that all contacts/ties with Britain should of been severed, so they would not have to spend any more money on economic support and military protection etc. for the colonies. British were losing money rather than gaining, so they wanted to break away from the troublesome colonies. The British considered the colonies very time consuming and expensive. They had determined that the colonies were not relevant and there was no need for them anymore. They stopped supporting and providing stable income to the colonies. Confederation would solve many of these money issues, since the colonies would be joined as one, they would be able to support each other. Confederation would also bring forth a more stable government by uniting the existing colonies/provinces.

In conclusion, confederation was crucial to the development of Canada. The results of confederation, were astounding it restored the economy within the colonies. It allowed the colonies to become independent from the British. Though Canada shares some ties with the British(queen on money ect) it is a independent country with its own currency and military. Ultimately confederation was crucial for Canada

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