Causes Of Climate Change In The UAE

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Climate change is known to be the changes that happen to the normal climate pattern affecting the surface temperature, humidity rate, average density and rainfall rate, etc. climate change started to appear in the mid 20th century and onward. According to Noaa, (2016), data showed that the global temperature increased by almost two degrees. It seems to be not much but as scientists expected, it affected the global climate in a very negative way. Pollution, global warming, human activities and greenhouse gasses consider the main causes of climate change, and it directly affects plants, animals, human health and the UAE, but as all problems, climate change has several solutions to be well-thought-out.

There are many factors that climate change
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The rising of sea levels will cost the UAE to lose up to 6% of the population, and it will create a massive danger to population and infrastructure. Another effect is natural disasters and water resources, while climate change the misfortune of floods and droughts disasters will duplicate and that will make some parts of the country flooded with sea water which will destroy agriculture, as the palm island will drown in water and all the island that are related to the country, and other parts will suffer from drought and both will cause many deaths. In the future of climate change, UAE might be severely damaged from climate change and global warming people and all creatures will be tragically affected and the county might get wiped away with rising water by the end of the …show more content…
Some people will think that this solution is inhumane but controlling the number of worldwide population will actually give a chance for the living people to survive from climate change and future problems that might be related to the overpopulation in the world. controlled population means less pollution and less food and shelter requirement and will reduce the density of global warming, and controlling population will not harm humans in any way as it will not kill any living human.

In conclusion, as an individual, we mustn’t step aside and let all the misfortune happen. Most of the causes of climate change are caused by irresponsible human begins, because of their actions they put the well-being of others at risk. You might not notice this but every tiny carbon footprint you leave behind can and will be spread around and increase the impact of climate change. However, we do not want that to happen to our environment, here are some ways we can fight against it to reduce the size of our carbon footprint.

First, is to get involved. Take a couple of minutes to contact your political agents and the media to reveal to them you need prompt activity on environmental change. Advise them that decreasing ozone-depleting substance outflows will likewise assemble more beneficial

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