Causes Of Class Issues In American Society

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The class issues have been talked about for a long time, and there are three different articles that describe the class issues in American society, and explain what cause these class issues such economy, education and race. The first article is “Literacy and the Politics of Education”, which was written by C.H. Knoblauch. He shows that the literacy is a kind of way to judge people and gives readers four different kinds of literacy in his personal opinion. Also, he also claims that there are many definitions of literacy, but the meaning of literacy could be “multiplied”( Knoblauch). The second reading is “Class in America”, the author of this article, Mantsios argued that even though most American people think that there is not upper class and …show more content…
Indeed, the financial problem is the primary direct cause that induces class issues. Some people think that they are in the lower class because they do not have enough money to buy some high quality stuff. According to the Gregory Mantsios, “a founder and Director of the Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education at SPS, and has served as a higher education officer – first in SUNY and then in CUNY(),” he shows that in American society, “sixty percent of the American population holds less than six percent of the nation’s wealth” in his book, which is Class in American(Mantsios). This means the rich people are holding a great many of dollars than the “poor” people. He also shows that three different kinds of American people’s life styles in his article, and people could easily see that because they have the different income, such as their family activities, educational level, their employment and their residence. The people who have a better educational level, he or she will get different jobs, different salary. They can own a house or farm, not just rent an apartment. Also, they could have different family activities(Mantsios). Although Mantsios said that most American people do not think there is not class in American society, and he showed four “myths” which American people believed(Mantsios). However, the class truly exists in American society, and it is a very serious problem in American society. Because the American people have different financial situations, their life style could be totally different, and they will have different friends and neighbor. People would stay with their friends, and because most of their friends and neighbor may have the same financial situations, the class issues will exist in this society. On the other hand, in Kozol’s article, Still Separate, Still Unequal, he provided a lot of examples

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