Causes Of Child Abuse Essay

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Child Abuse: The Destruction of the Young Mind
The nation’s youth is the most important part of today’s society. These young children are the body and minds that will inherit the nation and its problems. The parent also has a very important responsibility in preparing youth for the world. However, poor parenting skills are too often being transferred to the youth. Poor parenting involves the use of excessive violence as a form of punishment. Children are placed in a horrific situation through abuse instigated by their parents that damages the child physically and psychologically.
Children everywhere are being abused by their parents whether it be physical or emotional abuse. In order to help prevent child abuse, one must first understand some
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After, knowing the reasons that parents abuse their children and the effects of being abused one must discover the main people who abuse their children. “Frequently, the perpetrator is a young adult in his/her mid-twenties without a high school diploma.”
(National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information) Statistics also indicate that many victims of such abuse are children of teenage parents. This is a very terrifying fact as the number of teenage pregnancies is on the rise as it sits currently at 57% nationwide. Research also indicates very young children (ages three and younger) are the most frequent victims of child fatalities from child abuse. An example of child abuse at a very young age is a real life story from Milwaukee. A 28-year-old mother brought her 21-month-old child into the hospital critical condition with blunt force trauma injuries. After many lies told to the officials, the woman finally admitted to abusing her young child. Many of the ways that this woman used to punish her child were severely inhumane such as grabbing the child and squeezing her all over her body(Fox News). Tragically this horrifying news had a very slim chance of being reported to proper
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Half of the 1,500 children killed by their parents throughout the country each year are already known to the welfare system. (Saffron) Unfortunately, these reported deaths occurred there is a large percent that is never reported to the authorities. The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect by Westat Inc. performed two studies to provide a partial answer. This study found that “in 1986, 56 percent of apparently abused or neglected children, or about 50,000 children, were not reported to the authorities.” (Beshorav) To present day this number has been found to stay around the same as studies in Colorado and North Carolina have estimated as many as 50 percent to 60 percent of deaths resulting from abuse or neglect are not recorded. With these numbers it is no wonder that sensational cases of child abuse and neglect have kept the spotlight on the failures of state child welfare agencies. With this factor and the other factors of stress and low pay it is very difficult to recruit individuals willing to confront this glaring issue. Many welfare workers have been threatened with violence or been a crime victim. The average pay of a child welfare worker is only $22,000 per year. This is terribly low and doesn’t assist the problem of stopping child

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