Did Russia Follow Marxism

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While Russia was on its way to become a great nation it failed because, they did not follow Marx’s rules, there were too many poor peasants, they still had a class system, there just was not enough money, and the poor peasants had no patriotism to create a unified country.
Marxism communism is one of the most powerful ideas that have ever been used in governments. Russia did not follow Marxism rules of communism because they skipped the step of capitalism. The communist manifesto says that capitalism is a process that every country needs to go through. Under capitalism individuals are allowed to buy, own, and sell property. Capitalism gives people the chance to learn a trade and to operate in a functioning society. It gave the country a chance to build framework before removing themselves and eliminating the bourgeoisie before falling into communism.
World War 1 left Russia with absolutely no money. There was no capitalism, and everyone in Russia was pretty much stuck in poverty, there was no money. You need money to buy supplies and to support a war and to support its people and soldiers. Without
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In Communism, the idea is that the state owns everything and everyone equally works and shares it to preserve it. This illuminates private property and achieves harmony because everyone is seemingly equal. The state gives out food, clothing and every other necessity so they do not need to “worry” about it or have the need for money. The problem with this is that people have different levels of motivation when it comes to work. Russia still had a class system being made up of mostly poor peasants who had no will to do much but try and feed themselves. Russia had a top down type of government. The Czar and his appointed leaders being at the top, kadets (landlords, lawyers, intellectuals etc.,) otherwise known as upper/middle class and peasants were making up about 80% of the

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