Two Main Causes Of Bullying

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Bullying is a huge issue among kids these days, though most fall short in giving information about what causes people to bully. The specification on pointing out that most bullying occurs among children and teens at school. Most of the time when people think about bullying them probably visualize kids in middle school and high school so the specifics are not essential for people to understand. Blind to the naked eye, bullying is the most common act that takes place throughout not only one’s childhood, but one’s lifetime. Bullying, which can occur through a facial expression within a matter of seconds, is learned at a young age whether it be brought on by classmates or even from one’s own family member; there seems to be no restrictions. Although …show more content…
Kuther, her the two main causes of bullying would not be relevant to include, therefore, they are based on the definition of bullying as well as research on types of bullying occurring in school-aged youth. The term school-aged youth in the first cause does not give any specifics as to age but does to gender when pointing out which types of bullying most commonly is associated with each gender. When in the second cause, specifics to age was addressed when pointing out the percentage of children between the ages of twelve and fifteen who said they get teased or bullied at school. The mention of a proposed solution to bullying is not present in both excerpts. A solution to bullying is needed based on the fact that more than half of children studied between the ages of eight and eleven had to say that bullying is a big problem in school as well as a big concern on kids’ minds. Evidence of bullying being a problem is proven in both excerpts by the amount of findings in both studies done in Britain involving 23 schools and studies done in the U.S by the Kaiser Foundation. Bullying are clearly happening and adults have been known to minimize, dismiss or underestimate bullying, blame the bullied and adding insult to injury, the writer is showing sympathy to the fact that the implied solution of telling an adult about being bullied is not a sufficient enough solution to the …show more content…
It comes to many people as a big shock that high school aged students are bullied more than other children. But, this is because of sex, alcohol, and drugs that are so involved in their lives as well as their surroundings. There is not a specifically stated reason or cause for bullying but it could possibly have something to do with home life and the child’s surroundings. Specifics that could help would be along the lines of why and what ages do children start showing signs of aggression that could later be interpreted as bullying. There are different types of bullying and both genders have different ways of going about bullying. Men are more likely to use physical aggression while woman use rejection as well as name-calling to get their point across. Bullying has no solution because it could backfire. Children who tell an adult end up making the situation worse or fixing the situation all together. Or there are children who do not tell anyone and it can go away or it will just become a bigger deal later down the line. Bullying is very important regardless of having all the facts because children are suffering. They may not be suffering physically but they are suffering mentally and that should be enough for someone to take a stand and help these children. Many children stay home from school every day in hopes of avoiding their bully. But, they would not have to if

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