Causes Of Al-Qaeda Terrorism

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Al-Qaeda Terrorism against America
Everyone will forever remember when America was attacked by Al-Qaeda terrorist hijackers. The day when pain and panic took over the US, about 3,000 innocent people died including New York residents, people in Tower 2, firefighters, police officers, the passengers in the planes, and paramedics (“How Many”). September 11, 2001 the day the Pentagon Building was crashed into and World Trade Center Twin Towers collapsed. The Al-Qaeda group, hijacked planes flying to Los Angeles and San Francisco after they took off from Washington and Boston (“How Many”). They had been planning this attack for many years. Al-Qaeda terrorists could have found a better way to show what they thought instead of hurting a lot of innocent
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Most American’s don't really know what the reason is but look for their own answers. Most people think terrorists attacked America because of religion. However, the hijackers did not want to convert us into the Islamic or Muslim religion. They did not attack because of religion: that had nothing to do with 9/11 attacks. If it had been because of religion, they would have attacked churches, Jewish synagogues, Hindu temples but this was not the case. The actual reason Osama Bin Laden and his people attacked America is because of the oil and its industries. When Iran nationalized their oil operations in 1951, the U.S began efforts, led by the CIA, to remove their leader. This succeeded in 1953 when Shah of Iran was reinstated and Iran began to sell cheap oil to American companies (“McSheehy”). Our wealth is what allows us to live. For people of other parts of the world their principle source of money relies on “oil.” Terrorists probably felt like they were losing their wealth. The World Trade Center could be seen as the financial capitol of the multinational businesses of the United States. The second target was the Pentagon, and this is another icon and serves as the functional center of the vast military might of the United States …show more content…
After the attacks some Americans saw all Muslims differently thinking they were all terrorist. This created a lot of discrimination in America. Little kids grew up with fear of these people and a lot of people became racist to one another because of their religions. The attacks also affected the US security systems because America does not want another attack to happen. This led US airports to have better security. The security we have now can help find passengers that carry weapons or some sort of dangerous material. After 9/11, the government created the Transportation Security Administration, which was the largest single federal startup since World War II (Bearden). The TSA does program streamlines the watch list matching process and identifies: individuals who may pose a threat to aviation. When the TSA was set up in all airports passengers protested against it. They felt like they were losing their freedom and privacy. the attacks also affected families: many people lost a family member in the 9/11

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