Effects Of Abortion On Pregnant Women

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Abortion is termination of pregnancy and it is mean the end of pregnancy . There are two types of abortion are spontaneous or induced. Spontaneous is known as miscarriage which means that the abortion happened automatically without surgery or planning by patient or doctors , while induced simply means termination of pregnancy which is planned because of medical reasons or personal reasons . Recently, the statistics showed on increase in the abortion rate year after year . Abortion is a danger disease that can causes by : Abnormalities in the chromosomes, immune disease ,maternal chronic disease, abnormalities in the fetus and wrong pregnant women department. However , it will lead to number of negative effects toward pregnant women’s health …show more content…
There are two types of effects. On the one hand , physical effects which contains the damage that effects women’s health conditions and body systems . one of the most common injuries is the abnormal veinal bleeding . However, tummy ache and constant headache are normal effects after abortion. Also , faster infection which mean that the women who just abortion yet become more infection from other diseases . on the other hand , psychological effects that damage women’s psychics and social as to . Moreover ,Anorexia which is a eating disorders resulted in refused to eat , causing tremendous shortage in weight and energy in the body and cause all finally stopped many organ in the body is one of the most serious effect that happens after abortion and that’s because sad mod . Indeed, faulty sleep habits and waking-up , shocking infection and produces a state of acute depression are the results of abortion which have a high effects in the women psychological.

I will recommend some advice to the pregnant ladies to avoid abortion. First , you mustn’t drink coffees or any drinks which have caffeine and also you must not drink alcohol or drugs. Second , you should eating healthy food with higher calories and proteins . As well as , you should get some rest and begin doing pelvic floor exercises and the most important thing is to see your doctors or midwife soon as

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