Causes Of A High School Drop Out Essay

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Causes of a High School Drop Out

One of my friends in high school dropped out. He was falling behind early and then stated school wasn 't for him. Is it right to think dropping out of high school is the right thing to do? For example, the early life of a student determines a student 's future. Secondly, during high school their are many things that lead up to discouragement. Furthermore, their are long term effects of a high school drop out. Over many years high schoolers struggle to finish out high school, there are many causes that lead up to not finishing. For one thing, many Educators say today that students can 't get through High School. Many factors play a big role on why high school students struggle to finish out high school. One reason According to ROSALES from the Article “The Economic Pressures That Make Leaving School Unavoidable”, many students feel the pressure of a parent early in their life. The students have to fill the needs of their parents to provide. This makes the student think early that high school isn 't right for them. Other problems that make a student drop out include Boredom, Academic Struggles, Money Problems. In the article”What Are Problems That Cause Students to Drop Out of School”, TUCKER states the reasons of being bored leads to getting a job. Personally, I don’t think that it 's right for any child’s life to start early, everyone should get an experience from high

school. But no matter how much they are being pushed away from…

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