Essay on Causes And Treatment Of Hypersensitivity

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Causes and Treatment Dentinal Hypersensitivity
Dentinal Hypersensitivity (DH) is dental pain usually described as sharp and short in duration. It is usually caused by exposed dentin being stimulated by thermal (both hot and cold), evaporative, tactile, osmotic, chemical, or electrical stimuli, which cannot be attributed to any other dental disease or pathology (Kim, & Karatathis, 2010). DH is very common among the adult population. As stated on (Porto, Andrade, & Montes, 2009), this clinical condition affects 8 to 57% of the adult population which is associated with dentin exposure. DH can occur when dentin is exposed by enamel loss due to various reasons. This usually occurs in the enamel/cementum junction and mostly found in permanent canines and premolars in both dental arches. A few examples on how patients feel the DH are as simple as eating sweets, brushing teeth and breathing in the winter. The characteristics can vary tremendously ranging from slight discomfort to extreme pain (Porto et al. ,2009). Dentin is one of the four components of a tooth; It is usually covered by enamel or cementum, and is a vital tissue; consisting of dentinal tubules. The dentinal tubules transverse from the pulp to the outer dentinal surface. It has three types of fibers: A-delta fibers, A-beta fibers, and C-fibers. The different fibers transmit different pains. DH has different contributing factors. Having too many dentinal fibers or them being large can increase the DH. The…

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