Causes And The Consequences Of Bullying In Schools

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Although many efforts to prevent bullying have been tried in schools, the problem persists and the effects of bullying can be serious; therefore, schools must continue to look for solutions to the problem. (Transitions sentence)
As Alika and Henrietta Ijeoma explained in their article “Bullying as A Correlate of Dropout from School Among Adolescents in Delta State: Implication For Counselling” (2012) that bullying is like a fact that one person using power to frighten, embarrasses or even hurt other people who weaker than them (1). There are three types of bullying that occur in school which is physical, verbal, and social bullying. Physical bullying is acknowledged as “physical attacks or injury” to other pupil, verbal bullying is like using
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Alika ‘s research has shown that if the “student feels unsafe” in school they could dropout (Alika 2). It also means that when the issue still remains, and nobody do anything to prevent it from happen, nor stop it; the student will see school as a dangerous place, so they will either stay home, or come to school late, or skipping the class that they scare, then they will eventually dropout. Besides dropout, long-term bullying could cause a student to have a serious health problem like “headache, sleeplessness, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and emotional attacks” (Alika 3). Moreover, when the parent/teacher/authority fail to help those bullied students, some students tend to commit suicide, hurting themselves, or try to put all of those anger onto someone else. Students usually believe that if they die no one could ever bully them again; therefore, when things get worse, they will suicide. Some other student who really depress blaming the adult not taking things seriously, so they will start hurting themselves to get more attention from the teacher/parent. For example, my little sister got bullied in middle school last year, she tried to tell the counselor but they did not really do anything about it until they …show more content…
Also they should send a STRONG message to the students for what will happen to them if they ever engage in bullying. In an article about “The Critical Role of School Climate in Effective Bullying Prevention” Cixin Wang and Brandi Berry and Susan M. Swearer had point out that “A Positive school community exits only when all the students, parents, and school staff members work collaboratively to improve school climate” (Wang 300). Work together means that the students need to report the bully to their teacher and parent, and then parent and teacher should come together to figure out how to stop the bullying. As working together, school’s staff, student and parent could build a strong and positive climate in school, where nobody engages in bullying. Beside building a strong climate, the school’s systems need to have some behavior counselor who could talk to the bullies and victims about how them feel, to help they more understand about their felling, and how to control it, for not overwhelming the

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