Mothers: The Consequences Of Miscarriage

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defects, and possibly a miscarriage. Not treating your body carefully or doing as the doctor says can result in terrible consequences for the mother, the baby, and the family.
Miscarriages are another huge factor that can affect the child and the mother. A woman who does not want her child has the option to terminate her pregnancy by aborting it but not taking care of your body properly can result in a miscarriage. Depending on the age of the mother, there can be more risks for a miscarriage as well. “More than half of all pregnancies in women over age 45 end in miscarriage (before 20 weeks gestation)”(Mccarthy). The older you are, the more likely you will miscarry your child. Usually between ages 45-49 this can occur. This happens because
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Physically, having a miscarriage can affect the mother’s entire body because she will eventually bleed out and no longer be able to carry the baby. Emotionally, it can be very difficult for the mother to comprehend. Many mothers, after they experience a miscarriage, experience depression and may find it more difficult to think about having another baby after that horrific experience. Many mothers may need to attend therapy and are completely scarred from or after that experience. It can affect the family in many ways as well. If a mother experiences a miscarriage from the first baby she has conceived, it may make it harder for her to think about trying again, being that she has had all these plans to start a family. It could have a very dramatic effect on the family because it is hard to comprehend from the family’s perspective that a baby could just decease in the mother’s womb. Even if it isn’t the mother’s first child, it could still have a drastic effect on the mother, and the family as well. Generally, younger women will not experience miscarriages as much as elder women. But, if a younger woman has a tough time getting pregnant to begin with because her body won’t allow her too, she may have a higher chance of experiencing a miscarriage. This could occur because if her body is already having a hard time conceiving, once she actually gets pregnant, her body may not have …show more content…
Although, younger women have a greater chance of having a healthy baby than having a baby with a birth defect because their bodies are already more healthy than an older woman. Their bodies don’t require as much of a necessity to stay healthy because at a young age, you are usually healthier than an elder woman. At a younger age you have faster body process’, more energy, and are usually more in shape. Younger women tend to exercise more than older women because they have more energy and are more fit. It is also easier for younger women to carry a baby, they will have an easier time doing most things during the pregnancy as well. Younger women need to still do everything the doctors say to maintain a healthy pregnancy and baby. An advanced maternal aged woman will have a harder time getting pregnant because they are not as fertile, and they their child has more risks for birth defects. They have more risks for birth defects because their bodies have slower body process’ which can affect nutrients getting to the baby as fast as they need to be, slower metabolism rates, they have a more difficult time keeping their bodies in shape from exercising because their bodies require more energy than a younger woman. Naturally, that is just what

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