Causes And Impacts Of Global Warming Essay

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Causes and Impact of Global Warming

Climate changes have a long term impact to patterns of temperature, rain, snow, and wind. The shift in temperature creates global warming which is an average increase in temperature near the earth’s surface and the lowest layer of the atmosphere. The climate change affect people and the environment in many different ways. The idea on remaining vital with climate changes is to identify the social problem of environmental inequalities for the adaptations to reduce and minimize catastrophic repercussions. The one element that creates environmental inequality and problems with human behavior is the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is a rise of the earth’s temperature. Some gases in the greenhouse effect are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone. These trapped gases make the planet uninhabitable. Some effects of the greenhouse effects are financial capabilities, hurricanes, earthquakes, and major shift in water levels. Humans experience disease and death. Korgen & Furst (2012) discuss what is the greenhouse effect and gases very well. According to textbook “Social Problem” by Korgen & Furst (2012) reads, “When the sun heats the earth, some of this heat escapes back to space. The rest of the heat, also known as infrared radiation, is trapped in the atmosphere y clouds and certain gases such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxides, and fluorinated gases. Thei creates a warming effect…

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