Causes And Effects Of Suicide

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The Health Organization estimates that roughly 1 million people die each year due to suicide. Most of people who commit suicide see suicide as a way to escape their problems, and some of them want to test the love of their family or relatives. However these people’s aim is not to kill themselves, they just want to stop hurting. Therefore, it is significant to recognize signs and causes of suicide such as depression, poor lifestyle, and life history for preventing it. In other words, the effects of suicide also shows the importance of solving this problem.
Firstly, suicide is mainly caused by mental illness, and it is among the most common causes. Some people suffer from their constant state of mental pain and despair, and it makes these people
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Traumatic experience can make people feel helpless, guilty, or ashamed. For example, people who involved in war saw deaths, terrible injuries, and felt fearful for their own life. Therefore, these concerns and disorders during the war never let them stay alone, and cause trauma. It makes people physically and mentally sick, and they have tough time to deal with it. In other words, people who are victim to physical abuse also hold guilty and ashamed feelings during many years. These people also see suicide the odd way to escape their situation.
The effects of suicide shows the importance of taking into consideration this problem. It has great effect on family and society. The death of loved one is always challenging but when they kill themselves it is more horrible. For instance, when children commit suicide, parents feel guilty not preventing the suicide, and failure because their loved one feel unloved and commit suicide. When parents commit suicide, the result for children is more dangerous. Children have to deal with confusion, grief, and distress in this situation, and it may also trigger children to commit

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