Causes And Effects Of Stress

Stress is defined in the dictionary as a “state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in our lives.” Everyone encounters stress in life caused by many different variables and we cope with in different ways. One way cope with stress is to notice how it can impact our body. Some people take to working out, eating healthy, taking breaks from what is stressing us out, or getting plenty of sleep which are all good ways to cope with stress people. Some of the negative coping skills take to other coping mechanisms that are not very great for the body.
Some examples include stress eating, abuse of drugs and alcohol, bottling up the stress, and dealing with depression. It is important for us to watch for physically, mentally, emotionally, and
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Heart attack, depression, high blood pressure and body aches are only few of these effects created by stress.
Stress causes physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral damage to the body
( One must watch out for signs like depression, lack of sleep, and compulsive disorders those are signs of an overload of stress on the body. Spotting these damages can be fairly easy as they come with many signs that are caused by stress. Physically the body can give
EFFECTS OF STRESS off many signs which can be associated to other health issues so one may not notice associate these signs directly to stress. Some physical signs caused by stress are dizziness, sweaty palms, lack of sexual desire, weight gain or loss, difficulty sleeping, headaches and indigestion just to name a few (
Another sign of stress can come mentally. The mind becomes warn out from stress, it loses focus on average daily problems. Being mentally stressed causes the mind to make easy everyday life decisions into dreadful moments. Some symptoms of mental stress are constant worry, difficulty making decisions, poor judgement, inability to concentrate, lack of
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With all these symptoms of mental stress it is easy to lose focus on what is important and how to keep a level headed mind. Mentally stress leads to another form of stress on the body, emotional stress.
Emotional despair is just another symptom put on the body because of stress. Just like the rest it comes with many signs that may suggest we are being over stressed and our body needs a break from the stress. Anger, anxiety, crying, depression, feeling powerless, frequent mood swings, irritability, loneliness, negative thinking, nervousness, and sadness are signs of emotional stress ( When we are emotionally stressed and we are having those symptoms it can lead to another change on your body, behaviorally change.
Behavioral change is just another factor that is affected by the causes of stress on our body. The stress can make turn us into someone you are regularly not. We may become negative and push people away or be careless about how we act towards others. Some of these signs of behavioral stress are bossiness, compulsive eating, attitude towards others, explosive and impulsive actions, abuse of alcohol or drugs, and withdrawal from relationships and social

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