Causes And Effects Of Stress Essay

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The Causes and Effects of Stress Stress; a normal feeling all ethnological beings get during certain periods in their life. In more of a scientific explanation; its a moment in the body where the fight or flight hormones, adrenalin and cortisol, speed up the heart, slow digestion, and shut down blood flow. Stress, no matter how small, can be a burden during times like taking an exam or going to a job interview, though for some people stress is an every day issue, a constant factor in their daily schedule. For those people, stress can have a strong grasp on their life, causing them to make decisions based on their stress levels at that moment. “An integrated definition,” from the scholarly journal by Firdaus Dhabhar, “stated that stress is …show more content…
They no longer had to worry about the basics because they got a whole new stress; keeping their body healthy every second of the day. Though, diabetes is not the only stress related health concern doctors warn patients about. Because of long lasting stress there are risks of ulcers, arthritis, obesity, asthma, acid reflux, high blood-pressure, and more. And once one thing in the body
Snyder 3 goes astray, the others are slow to follow. High blood pressure can cause heart attacks which in turn can cause a longer list of issues like blood flow which can eventually stop healthy circulation causing loss of limbs. At such a rate, after years of medical scares and repairs, there is only so much a human body can handle. With each health risk there is an enormous impact on that person 's life. It affects the way the way some people view life, and sometimes that 's a good thing. Everyone needs a good reset and some rehabilitation as they contemplate what they are doing with their life, but things can take a nasty turn when that person starts to question their will too live. Most suicide attempts (or successful attempts), when looking back, are because the person either lost (or are soon to lose) their ability to care for themselves or couldn’t stand being sick any longer. Now, this isn 't for every suicide case, but when degenerative diseases are involved, it often

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