Causes And Effects Of Stereotyping

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Emily Walther
Mr. Pokorny
English Composition
Cause and effect paper
Stereotyping, which in certain instances, can be good or bad depending on the situation. It 's something people have integrated into their Jokes at school, how feel about others, and how they interact with others. Sometimes it’s an unconscious reaction to others, it’s a defense mechanism of sorts. The main issue with stereotyping is that it’s a generalization of a group, not an individual. Everyone is there own person with their own personality which is unique to themselves. Just as you have your own personality so do they so don’t judge too quickly. Especially if you don’t know said individual on a personal level it’s rash to judge with no supporting evidence.
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Shows that portray people of a different race may be shown as how the people in real life may act or with an accent. This information is fed to viewers and may be taken for real and even funny if it was comedic. Stereotypes can be caused by anything, hatred, unwillingness to make fair judgments or it could come from propaganda. Stereotyping has many effects, whether positive or negative. The media makes things like this even worse; books such as Parenting Your Out-of-Control Teenager makes parents think that there is something wrong with their child and the whole teenage population as well. Parents stress over too much of the negative things that may or may not be true about their child. Which may make a teenager may feel untrustworthy or labeled when the security figures themselves are making the teen feel like they are doing something …show more content…
This can lead to higher suicide rates because of the stress. Asian refugees are new to the country so they do not have the skills to meet the stereotypes, which can lead to higher suicide rates because of the stress. When the Stereotypes are not met it can make them feel like burdens because they can’t give everyone the prodigy they were promised. Also, if someone doesn’t want to be labeled by others and try to break away from it can feel the pressure of trying to single themselves out of the crowd. Negative stereotyping can lead to laws and rules made where some benefit and others do not. An example of this were the Jim Crow laws. Blacks were discriminated against, not allowed in certain places, and not given the same benefits as the whites. African Americans were treated like outcasts and below whites. Rules were still held even when slavery was abolished; there was a huge separation between the two groups because of the traditions many whites were used to. Even if slavery was gone they came from a life where both the races were not on the same status; a problem that big cannot be fixed overnight. Most historical conflicts like the Holocaust and slavery are effects of stereotypes and common things today, like the war in Iraq, created new

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