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When we talk about lung cancer we automatically think of smoking, and not the history behind it. Normal lung tissue are made up of cells that are arranged by genes to create lung tissue in a certain shape to perform certain tasks. Lung cancer forms by out of control growth of abnormal cells in the lung. Lung cancer transpire when the genetic material responsible for production of lung cells are damaged. There are two main types of lung cancers; small cell and non-small cell lung cancer. Small cell is the aggressive form of lung cancer that usually starts in the bronchi and spreads quickly. Non-small lung cancer tends to spread less quickly. There are three main subtypes to non-small cell; Squamous cell carcinoma, Large cell
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One kind of treatment is surgery. Surgery is usually the best chance of cure, so it is important that patients are not denied the option. Once you are diagnosed with lung cancer, doctors will check to see if the tumors can be removed before anything. They check to see if it small enough to operate on otherwise you would have to choose a different option. A patient may benefit from this treatment if the cancer hasn"t spread outside the chest or to other areas. Unfortunately some patients can not be operated on because they are too sick or their lungs will not work correctly after the operation. Treatment for people who can not be operated on have to choose from radiotherapy or drug treatment. Radiotherapy is the use of x - rays instead of going through the surgical procedure to treat cancer. A high dose of radiation can damage the technique that control the division of cells and usually cancers are often more sensitive to its effect. Doctors can not give to much radiation because it can damage the normal tissues. With that being said it is not possible to give enough treatment to kill all the cancer cells. That is why they break up the treatment into sessions. It is usually given 4 - 5 times a week. Most treatments courses take around 3 - 6 weeks to …show more content…
It is found that cancer can be fatal if not discovered in the beginning. Lung Cancer is a serious issue and should be dealt with right away. Lung cancer develops over time due to a person 's lifestyle. It can be prevented in some cases by choosing to not smoke. There is a strong connection between lung cancer and tobacco use. A person who does not smoke is at a much lower risk of getting lung cancer then a person who smokes everyday. There is no denying that people who smoke should quit to save their lives from the cancerous tumor. If you know your family has history of lung cancer, take precautions. After being diagnosed with the cancerous tumor it isn 't a bad idea to get an second opinion for operations such as surgery or radiation treatments. Although radiation and chemotherapy are good choices surgery may be the best because usually there is no side effects after.
All of the information people read about lung cancer does not prevent them from getting it. Thanks to the information, there is a clearer understanding of it which is an even better reason to take things into consideration. Being knowledgeable about lung cancer is the first step to prevention. Lung cancer is caused by a handful of things but in a way can be restrained depending on the person. Seeing that it is the number one leading cause in the united states take the time to look around and see that smoking is killing more than relieving

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