Spanish American Imperialism

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Today the desire to obtain power is seen all over the world, its human nature to be very territorial and fight for limited resources. During the 19th and 20th century, imperialism started to take place and still today it causes a huge debate. According to Belfastmarxist Imperialism is, “a policy of extending a country 's power and influence through colonization, the use of military force or other means.” The primary purpose of which is economic control in one way or another A huge depression started around 1893 in which farmers were suffering, people where unemployed and student went to school without having breakfast. Faced with a depression many Americans took to the belief that it was their destiny to prosper and expand their territory as …show more content…
In 1898 the Spanish American war began between Spain and the United States. Imperialism took control and left United States in charge of Cuba and colonies in Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. Cuba wanted to feel protected and accepted the Platt Amendment from the United States. McKinley played his part and started a program where they kept Cuba clean and attractive to American investors. Overtime 13 colonies started to get overcrowded and needed more cropland for food. With that said, imperialism took control and helped businesses reach external markets and sell mass-produced industrial goods.The action of imperialism supported the country as it began to expand its borders to otherparts of the country and abroad, and it helped the growing need for food supplies. They had morefields and generated more for their people, allowing expansion not only helped with the food supply but it also developed modern technology. The gilded age brought tremendous growth and change for the United States. Modern technology was started when the first rail system was built.Not only did it make transportation easier but also helped by buying and selling railroad stock onWall Street. It also boosted payroll for 55,000 workers in the Pennsylvania railroad and was “thelargest private enterprise in the world” as stated in the book The American Promise (Roarke et al.p.480). The creation of the railroad played a huge role in expansion, as it was able to transport goods and supply large armies. The Automobile industry also brought expansion by creating the first horse car during 1870s then to an electric streetcar in the 1880s. In Detroit the largest automobile industry was started, which brought a change in people’s lives, work area and also shaped America. Since people had easy access to transportation they expanded and moved to the suburbs for work areas giving them a change of living.Also, innovation in health care was part of

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