Causes And Effects Of Cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying is when someone uses any form of technology to inflict damage to another person. Cyberbullying generally applies to preteens and teens between ages twelve to eighteen. At these ages they are in that area where there are different social groups for instance, the popular group, the jocks, the nerds, the goths, the artsy type, the outcasts, and so on. These social groups are a major factor to cyberbullying. The “popular” teens tend to be more deliberately cruel to people “lesser” than them. However these young adults do not realize that the things they say over the internet, one does not go away, two can mentally damage someone, and three can cause somebody to hurt or kill themselves. Cyberbullying has become a major problem in our …show more content…
As well as watching their sites closer they should confirm all accounts are valid. By watching their user closer they can shut down the site, chat room, etc. before too much damage can be done: making sure accounts are valid poses a decreased chance of people creating fake accounts. Not only would the entirety of those bullied be reduced, the suicide and depression rates would also decrease. The cause of cyberbullying mostly stems from those who were once bullied and are seeking revenge. Sherri Gordon, bullying expert,explains in her article, “8 Reasons Why Kids Cyberbully Others,” that by cyberbullying others, they may feel others will realize what they experienced (par. 3). Kids and teens tend to feel that the only way to make people see how bad they have hurt them is by getting revenge. Nowadays teens do not realize how bad they hurt each other over the internet. The Megan Meier story is a perfect example. Megan had a final falling out with her friend, so to get back at her that friend and her parents created a fake myspace page pretending to be a guy named Josh Evans. Her mom allowed her to add him but with …show more content…
Some may say technology is the problem however Professor Ann Marie Ames explains in her article, “Professor: Behavior Is Cause, Cure for Cyberbullying,” technology is not the problem, but the behavior presented is (par. 12) Technology is not the reason cyberbullying happens, the behavior is. Kids raised in a bad household tend to have a bad attitude and will take it on others they believe to deserve it. Even those who seem to have been raised in a good environment may resent someone and will take it out on them by bullying them whether they realize it or

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