How Anxiety Affects People

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Anxiety affects eighteen percent of the population in America that is 18 or older, that equals about forty million people. Anxiety is the “fearful anticipation of impending danger”(“Anxiety,” 2015). There are many different types of anxiety and it affects people is a variety of ways. Some people with anxiety are more likely to have depression, which can lead to them harming themselves. Which is probably one of the reasons why people with anxiety are six times more likely to be hospitalized. Treatment is available, however only one third of the people with this type of illnesses receive treatment. That means that two thirds of the people with anxiety have to suffer everyday.

Anxiety can develop from many different things in a person
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About five percent of the population in the United States suffers from GAD. It is “characterized by chronic, persistent anxiety without a specific cause”(“What is an Anxiety Disorder (GAD)?,” 2015). GAD causes people to worry about many things, sometimes the worrying makes them irrational causing them to worry and be concerned about imaginary people and situations. GAD can cause people to continually worry about minor things until they start to obsess over very minor problems, that should not typically be worried about.(“Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD),” …show more content…
It is a stress that is caused by experiencing a trauma. PTSD could be caused by witnessing or surviving many traumas, some of which are surviving physical or sexual assault, surviving or witnessing violent acts, surviving incarceration or torture, surviving a life threatening disease, or surviving any dangerous situation (Calm Clinic PTSD). PTSD is very common in soldiers coming back from war because the great stress put on them to stay calm in a very dangerous situation and environment. About thirty percent of Vietnam war veterans were diagnosed with PTSD.(Calm Clinic PTSD) Some examples of PTSD in a soldier would be hiding, jumping, or having a negative reaction to loud noises. The loud noises cause them to react negatively because the noise triggers a memory in their mind of warfare i.e bombs or

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