Causes And Effects Of Air Pollution Essay

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Discuss the causes for and the effects of air pollution?
Air pollution is becoming an important form of pollution in our environment, but before discussing the causes and effects of it we have to know what air pollution means. It is generally defined as the presence of different types of materials in the air that cause harm for humans, animals and plants. The purpose of this essay is to mention how air pollution started and the sources of it, its impact on earth’s creatures, and the solutions to stop this emerging dangerous.

Some people believe that air pollution appeared in last century because of humans’ industries, it could be part of it. But have a look at the two great empires, the Romans and Greeks from the period of 500 BC to 300 AC. Both empires burnt wood for industrial purposes and metal production which produced heavy smoke that covered the skies. Later on, in the Middle Ages a new source replaced the wood shortage it’s called sea coal. The burning of this source released toxic gases along with black smoke. In the 18th and 19th century steam engines evolved which ran by burning charcoal. During this period, people used trains and ships as their main mode of transportation which generated more and more pollution. (Jacobson, 2012) By the modern era, air pollution has increased to a higher level due to humans’ industries. Large factories, traffic, power plants that burn fossil fuel to function are the major causes of this problem. Industrial factories that produce…

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